About Us

About Us

Our Mission Statement

“To facilitate learning, in a more
Interactive and immersive way”

Our Vision Statement

“To allow anyone to learn anything,
anytime and anywhere”

Rigpah is a gateway to a contemporary way of learning. By using a virtual learning environment (VLE), learning is not limited to one location, but rather can be taken on the go to be utilized anywhere. The services provided on the website create a fun and interactive learning experience; which in turn helps boost the productivity of the end-user. With Rigpah, people can learn anywhere and anytime. The 21st century is here and we are living it now; time is becoming more scarce as everyone’s time is consumed in their day to day life’s schedule not allowing many to take their learning curve a step further. Rigpah is a way to solve this problem; allowing our clients to learn at their own pace.

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